Woody Allen in his film, Love and Death, says: "To me, nature is spiders and bugs and big fish eating little fish and plants eating plants and animals eating . . . it's like an enormous restaurant."  In the struggle to survive, yes, nature is not always pretty, and man is no less a part of nature than is nature a part of man.  For the litany of transgressions of man against nature, nature can surely come up with some hefty retaliation.  The oceans are vitally important to the survival of man.  Eighty percent of all life on earth depends on healthy oceans ( ) which are not limitless and inexhaustible resources.

There have been laws, international agreements, and amicable accords on the preservation of the oceans dating back to the nineteenth century, but these laws are flouted and abused and agreements forgotten.  Although it is the enforcement of such laws that those concerned may properly demand, progress cannot be planned by government, and individual concern and caring are not things which can be conjured up by edict.  No individual may slough off his duty engendered by his own free will onto government, nor is the gifting to non-profit orga
nizations sufficient to assuage the pang of conscience evoked by not living up to individual responsibility of a freely chosen obligation.  The illumination to awareness spread by the internet around the world can create the motivation to take on that individual responsibility of chosen obligation for a man to work for the preservation of his own nature though nature.  Change the world before it changes you.